Why a Solid Website Strategy is the Foundation of Success

Recently, I had a conversation with my friend who works as a project manager at an interior design firm that covers both residential and commercial projects. He showed me their existing website which presented them poorly and failed to communicate clearly who they are effectively.

They had to request the designer to switch some words that were still written in Spanish, something he had overlooked. When he translated it, “Insert Text Here” was displayed which indicated that the website template was used for developing the website.

After glancing at the website, I immediately noticed that it featured stunning visuals of excellent design quality. Beyond that, however, its design was highly disorganized and failed to include any sort of structured text hierarchy or appropriate wording. Additionally, it seemed to be a single-page site with odd colour choices scattered throughout… read the rest on https://devartur.com/blog/why-a-solid-website-strategy-is-the-foundation-of-success/

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